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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

a. Google Squared provides a way for students to gather information about a certain region or country such as finding the population, natural resources, and land mass of any country. This is very useful for students to do in-depth research in almost every subject. It helps with statistics can give you a look in to populations in the time period you are researching.
b. Wolfram Alpha provides students with a different way to find out about the regional and cultural aspects of a country. This search provides you maps and plenty of data about what ever part of the world you would like to look at.
c.No, I did not know about Google Squared before this assignment. I am glad I have found it now and wish I had this back in high school because this would have been an immense help with my research and papers I had to write.
d. No, I did not know about Wolfram Alpha before this assignment but wish I did because I know this would have helped a lot when I was having to do presentations for history class and it would take me hours to find pictures and information about the one place in the world that seemed not to be enough information on.
e. Yes, your comments did absolutely change my mind about the information presented in the video. I did not think about the scales that they were using and forgot I guess that people will present data the way that is most beneficial to their cause. I thought that our country was falling behind and thats China and India were so far a head of us in everything because it kept saying that they had way higher statistics than the U.S. I do believe that the U.S. still needs to step up its educational programs but I do not feel as far behind as I did after the video.
f. I learned form this video that I do not react well to data when it is presented in a way that makes me feel behind, especially when it pertains to my education. I feel a little taken back still that I did not think to look more in depth to the data presented and just believed the context in which it was presented.

Pitcairn Islands map

Food for Thought: I think that technology is becoming more and more easy to use so much so that people with no education can use them with no instruction.

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