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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary of C4K #8-#11 and Yasmine's Blog

Over the past few weeks I have been following several student's blogs and here is what they were writing about.

C4K #8

In this C4K I was looking at Alba's Blog and she had a picture she had taken of the USS Alabama and wanted us to look at it from an artistic viewpoint and come up with a name for the picture. I did what she asked and came up with "Guiding gate of the Sea" and although it maybe different it is original.

C4K #9

In this C4K I was following Chris' Blog and came across his description of his Choir's trip to New Zealand. He told of the fun things they were seeing and experiencing. He even posted a list of the songs they were going to be performing such as: "Get the Party Started" by Pink and "Feeling Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkel. He was very excited and I told him to keep up the great singing and to give another update when he returned.

C4K #10

For this C4K I was following Danielle and she was writing about how excited she was that her friend Haylee was coming over to spend the night and that they were going to have a great time together. I told her that her slumber party sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun and to not eat too much junk food before they tried to go to sleep.

C4K #11

In this C4K I was looking at Brianna H.'s Blog and she was told to explain "elapsed time". So to do that she gave an example of a boy named Sam who left at 2:00pm and returned at 2:45pm. She said that 45 minutes had elapsed. I told her that this was a great example and if she wanted to she could also relate this example to a math problem.

Yasmine's Blog

In this post we were to find Yasmine's Blog and comment on a post of hers. Well I got her post that had the video of the horse and the little girl who was training the pony. I thought the video was cute and I loved how well behaved the pony was for the little girl. It amazes me the things that animals are capable of.

Final PLN Report

this is a screen shot of my symbaloo personal learning network

I love my Symbaloo PLN( personal learning network) because as a person with OCD, it allows me to be completely organized. I keep all of my important and most used links on my page. If I need to add something or want to look up something, all I have to do is type it in the middle box and it will Google it for me. My Symbaloo allows me to customize to my needs and my likes and interests. This is one of the many tools I will keep from this EDM 310 class.

C4T #4 Summary- Jen Deyenberg

For this C4T I was assigned to read and comment on Ms. Jen Deyenberg Blog entitled "Trails Optional". The first of her post that I read was entitled Not for Your Edutainment- Great Online Educational Games which was about her wanting games that were challenging for students and not just a memorization game. She states that if the students just memorize the information, then they are not really learning and I have to agree. I think that too often students are given information to memorize and then tested on their memorization of the material and not what they really learned. The students do not learn this way and in this post Ms. Deyenberg gives some great links to find games that are challenging for students.

In the nest post I read entitled UK Microsoft Innovative Educators Forum- UKIEF #10. In this post she tells of her being at a conference and all of the great educational technological tools that she is seeing and is sharing them with everyone. Some of the tools sound really great and interesting like: Free Rice, Games for Change, and One Note. These are all to help educators help their students succeed and become more technologically advanced. She share these and many more great tools and stories on her blog so please feel free to stop by and look around. Just click Trails Optional.

Final Project #16 How to Make an A in EDM 310