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Saturday, September 11, 2010

C4T #1 Kim Cofino

     During the past two weeks I was assigned to follow and comment on Mrs. Kim Cofino's Blog and in doing so I read many exciting and informing posts that she wrote. One of them was entitled "Beginning With Blogging" which is about her getting her very own class of middle schoolers to teach about technology and blogging. She gave her plan of how and what she was going to teach the students to blog and how to make them their own. The method she uses sounds almost like teaching without letting the students know they are being taught because they are having so much fun learning and personalizing THEIR blog.
     I commented on her post and I said the her lessons sounded fun and very beneficial because the earlier students learn how to use and apply these life tools, then the better and more successful they will become.
      The next post that I read was "We Are All Technology Teachers", which discuses whether or not teachers should and could use technology to help and assist with teaching other subjects besides just a technology class. Also could what they learn in a technology class help them to do and complete their work for other classes. She gives many great ideas and examples to support her post.
     I commented that she is absolutely right when she says that technology is ever changing and apart of the new school. We as teachers need to use technology to help our students and show them how to use technology for things other than just computer class.

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