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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

In Sir Ken Robinson's Video: Changing Educational Paradigms ,I think the most important point he makes is the one about the growing trend to medicate children with ADHD. Like Mr. Robinson says, I also believe there is so much going on in the world around us today that children cannot help but be distracted. Now also I am not say there is not this disorder but most of the children who are diagnosed with ADHD are just children who are artistic and are being starved of the creative outlet. The first thing to go in schools now if money gets tight is the art programs. This is horrible because the great thinkers of our time are not going to have anyone to construct their great inventions and ideas if we do not have creative tinkers to look outside the box to make things work. This will eventually be utterly devastating.
There is nothing in this presentation that I can disagree with that would not have great reason of rebuttal behind it. He makes great sense and points all throughout the presentation. Sir Ken Robinson's positions in this video run pretty congruent with what I am being taught in the college of education. The only major difference I see is the ADHD aspect, because the college of education just wants us to learn how to deal with it and not actually find a way to help them learn and express themselves. I feel the only things I can do to address the issues that Sir Ken Robinson raises is to try my best not to get caught up the 'get them in and get them out" craze and just make sure they learn and enjoy it. School is something we have to do for at least 13 years and I strongly believe that students can learn and have fun with it at the same time.
I thought the way in which the video was presented was very amazing and eye catching. I think it keeps your attention the entire time. I would however slowed it down just a little bit, because it was a little hard to keep up at times. If were to create a video like this, I would have to say that my job would have been Idea Generator or Author because I am not that great at the artsy stuff. I am way more right brain, as my fiance often reminds me.

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