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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post # 8

Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

       I thought this video was very forward thinking. I had no idea that there was so much that we a teachers could do and produce on the internet. I believe that our students will benefit so much from all of the new technologies that are available and as teachers we should learn everything we can to make use we are as technologically advanced as possible.
        I believe that I am ready to write and help my students write great lectures and papers using Youtube and other videos sources thanks to this EDM class and all of the great material, such as these videos. There has been so much to learn and I am so glad that I am learning it and not running away from the future of teaching. Technology is amazing and as an educator, i will use everything I learn from all of the assignments to help better my students education.
        I know that if I do my job as a teacher then my students will be able to write and use any and all technology that I and the world will throw at them. Students now a days are so well versed in the internet that I know they will pick up on a lot of if not all of the material and technology. I have no doubt that since being in this class, I know how to find and look for new technology and information for my students and if I can't find something, I know who to look up and ask on Twitter.

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies

        In the chipper series I thought it was about how most students feel when we get overwhelmed. We just quit and move on to something we think will be easier but nothing in this world will be easy if we don't get our education. I think these guys did a great job showing an bringing this message home.
       In the video EDM 310 for Dummies, I thought they did a great job portraying how every EDM student has felt at one point taking this class. I know that thanks to the Instruction Manual this class is a lot easier and with the help of the lab assistants, I know I will make an A in this class.
        If I created a video for EDM I would have to include everything about embedding and movie making because these are the two most difficult activities that I struggled with. I would asure students that once you get the hang of it, it is no problem. Also I would go step by step through each process and make sure I have written directions as well.

Critiques of Smart Boards 

       Why Smart Boards are a Dumb Initiative
             In this post by Michael Staton, he discusses reasons as to why spending so much money on Smart Boards is a dumb idea. He says that all they really do is make a white look more attractive. He gives several ways to which the things done on a Smart Board can be done also without one and for a lot less money. He also comes to the realization that the Smart Boards are just the way people higher up can ask for money because they are something specific. He believes instead of adding more Smart Boards, the schools should come up with new ways of helping the students learn and not just memorize thing for the SATs.

      Why I Hate Interactive White Boards
           In this article, Mr. Bill Ferriter states that he believes that Smart Boards are useless gizmos and that after a year he gave his away. In the article he would not even call them Smart Boards but called the useless interactive white boards. He was very passionate about the face that he did not want to own one and that no one else should either.

Mr. Wilson's Post

         In this post, Mr. Wilson discusses the positive side of Smart Boards and the benefits they bring to the classrooms and the the students who get to learn from them and use them. He uses the fact that everything can be enlarged as to help with students who can not see well and also the fact that it is interactive can help the students with disabilities. Also he talks about the massive amount of teacher communication that goes on these website about exchanging new and cutting edge ideas to help improve learning in the classroom.

While I think that all 3 of these men present valid point as to the pros and cons of the Smart Boards, I am still not sure my self where I stand and mostly because I have never used one. I think with every invention and new technique tried there are going to be some problems at first but with time it will be come more clear as to wether or not these Smart Boards are a good idea or not.


  1. Excellent post Brittany!

    As you said this video is very forward thinking. Dr. Miller is talking about a whole new way of reading, writing, and educating in general. He is envisioning what I believe we are headed for, an entire new concept of literacy. And as Dr. Miller indicated the pedagogy to teach and learn in this way has not even been invented yet. But, we are working on it. All of us in education are currently engaged in this educational/technological revolution whether we like it or not. Will you embrace it? I hope so. I know I do. It is an exciting time to be involved in education. SS

  2. I completely agree with Richard Miller's video being very forward thinking. I too will use technology in my classroom to get my students to think and work together. Great post!