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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post #10

Morgan Bayda and Dan Brown's Views On Education

In this Blog Post assignment, we were assigned to read Ms. Morgan Bayda's post on "An Open Letter To Educators" and also watch Mr. Dan Brown's video An Open Letter to Educators where they both come to the conclusion that if schooling does not change with the world, then the people will decide they don't need or want it. To be completely honest, I have to agree. As they said, the world is changing and is in full swing of the Information Age. The schools are still stuck in the old industrial idea of "get them in and get them out". I can personally attest to this and hate that schooling is such bad shape. We are taught that things and people change and evolve. Well the world is changing, but the public school system has not changed at all. Like Dan says, they have added some tools but that is not change and change is what the people and the Information Age need.
In my high school, the teachers didn't really care how we did our work but just that we followed the steps and got to some answer. We can't talk to our neighbors because then we get our work taken away for cheating. I can remember when thinking outside the box was encouraged and as you go up through high school for some reason we are now in the box and it is shrinking. I thought once I got to college things would be so different to the point I was scared to come but when I got here, it was just like high school except I didn't have to go all day. The only class that has challenged the way I think and the way I use to do things is this EDM310 that I am in. I have always been taught and now I am learning and doing everything myself. I still get help and instruction when needed but I am doing something I have not done in a long time, think for myself and actually learn something that will not be on the test.

Tom Johnson's "Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home"

In this post Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home  I love the fact that during the entire post, Mr. Johnson does not focus on the what could happen, rather on the solutions to the what is happening. If they take their pencils home and play word games, then they are still learning words. So what if their parents work in a factory and the children think they are toy, the school has set up a program for the parents to get involved and that should defiantly help. This post should tell us as teachers, we need to look at the fact that students are learning and we should encourage learning all the time.

Two Questions That Will Change Your Life

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

This Vimeo is very inspiring and I have to say it is very motivating as well. Well this is My Sentence, "I will and am ever striving to make a difference in students lives and I will make time for my students to have FUN while LEARNING." School should never be too busy for students not to enjoy it. How else can we expect them to want to come to school and better yet want to come to learn if we don't make it fun and interesting for them. Answer: We cant't.


  1. Hey Brittany! Your blog looks great! I agree with you very much when you say the public school system is not changing or evolving with the world around. My high school was just like yours. If they got some type of answer, everything was fine.

    I love you sentence. Learning needs to be fun, not only for students but for EVERYONE! Good luck with everything!

  2. Yes, but Dan Brown's video does ignore an important fact about education, the "Degree". Sure he may do a lot better on his own and more power to him. However, we have an educational system and employers have their requirements and many times (especially for good paying jobs) that is a degree or some kind of proof of higher education. I certainly understand his frustration but I'm not sure abandoning the entire system is going to be productive. Of course, I could be wrong. SS