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Thursday, October 7, 2010

C4T #2 Ann Carnevale

During this C4T I had the pleasure of reading and following Ms. Ann Carnevale's Blog. In her the first post of hers I read, "What I Learned on Summer Vacation". In this blog post she tells about her new technological discoveries when it comes to PDF Files and opening new tabs with the touch of one button. She recently discovered how to book mark pages of a PDF Document and gives instructions for you to do as well. She also figured out how to push the apple button and click on a like and it would open in a new tab so you would not lose your place. She also threw in a like to her presentation about ice breakers for classroom teachers to use to get the know the students, help the students get to know each other and to learn the names of everyone.

I think her post is very informative and give lots of neat tricks and tools that are helpful and her presentation is very helpful and cute and I believe it would be very beneficial for teachers to look at and get some ideas for ice breakers.

In her second post that I commented on, she was giving a website that is for free photo fixing program you can download and gave two pictures, a before and after, to demonstrate how it works. The Website is called Webinpaint and you can click here http://www.webinpaint.com/ to download it or just look around. I think this is very helpful and especially for the example she gives like when you take a class photo and hen one child's parent will not give permission for it to be published or put the class website, you can simply use this so that the other students do not have to be left out. I think this is a great tool and everyone should download it. Especially if you have some pictures you like but they need just a little tweaking.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Carnevale's Blog and will be keeping up with her for more great tools and information that are always popping up. If you would also like to follow Ms. Carnevale, just click here http://anncarnevale.edublogs.org/ and see all the great tips and tool she offers.

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