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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's First Grade Class

        In these videos, there were a lot of great points made about technology and its' future in schools both Elementary and Secondary. Ms. Cassidy's class of first graders are doing things with technology that I just learned in my 3rd year of college.
         I think that all of the different tools Ms. Cassidy uses are extremely helpful and will benefit her students tremendously in their future classrooms. I think Mr. Cassidy is not afraid of any technology and will use any and everything she finds to help her students learn and succeed.
        I believe all of her techniques are great and would be beneficial in my classroom but I would most likely use  a web page, have the students do blogs, and use wikis. I am just not so sure about the Nintendo DS. I know that most students know how to use one, but I am just not sure what all you can teach students or what programs you could use that most principles would not consider games. I would love some feed back on this if anyone has some because I am just not familiar with them myself.
           I  know that using ms. Cassidy's approaches would benefit my future classroom greatly by having no fear in trying new things and being the "guinea pig" for a new idea for classrooms. I know just from being in EDM 310 how useful and wonderful Blogs are and I will keep one forever now and show my students them as well. Using the approaches she give will help get my future classroom off to a great start.


  1. Brittany,

    I imagine that you will be a lot like Ms. Cassidy, because you have an enthusiam for learning and a patience with children. In two years at the most, this will be your story. Good luck and always stay like you are, positive and enthusiatic about teaching.

  2. What about the Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy? Did you watch it?