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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Post # 12

In this assignment we were told to create an assignment and then share it with everyone. Well one assignment that I feel we should have done was to create a Glog on Glogster. Glogs are a lot of fun and you can personalize them and use them for just about anything. I think these would be great to use as assignments or projects for students. The require almost no time at all.

To do this Assignment:
1. You need to go to the Glogster and create an account.

2. You need to set up your profile and I know everyone can do this because everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account.

3. Next click on the "create a new Glog" button and get started.

4. You need to select a page background, add graphics, add links you feel important and related to this Glog, and finally add text and effects to make you Glog interesting.

5. Save and Publish your final project and embed it in your Blog and tweet it.

This is one I created for EDM 310.


  1. I think this glogster thing is pretty cool actually. You can put all the things that interests you in pictures and add words and videos. All in one simple small space that can be viewed at once all together. Really good idea for the blog 12 I think.

  2. This is a great idea for a blog post. Although, it could be a project or part of a project. SS