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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C4T #3 Mathew Needleman

During these past few weeks I have been assigned to read and comment on Mr. Mathew Needleman's Blog and now I am going to tell you about just two of the very informative post that I read on his blog.

Six Ways Teachers can Improve Education This Year

In the first post that I read entitled, "Six Ways Teachers Can Improve Education This Year", Mr. Needleman give six different ways teachers could and should improve their school for not only the students but the faculty as well. His first point was to say hello at the door as the students come in because this maybe the only kind thing they hear all day from teachers or anyone. second was to eat in the teacher cafeteria with the rest of the faculty even if they are being negative, maybe you could be the light of positivity and bring the "faculty family" together. His third idea was to teach the students authentic writing and make them define the purpose for their writing and teach them to write for themselves and not for their teacher. His fourth point was to incorporate Multi-Media into every lesson whether it be photos, videos, or CDs. The students would find this more entertaining and you could teacher them some about technology everyday. In his fifth point he talks about using art and a way to help you students find discipline and control and a way to use it further other subjects like using drums to learn rhythms. Lastly he says that teaching test prep for at least two minutes a day will prepare them for the game the school system like to call standardized test and says if they have to take it anyway, we might as well make sure they can play the game great.
I think that Mr. Needleman makes some great points and gives a ton of great ideas and think that this would defiantly change and help improve education.

3 Ways to Download Movies from Youtube

In this post Mr.Needleman give 3 different ways to download movies from Youtube and the ideas behind using each one. In the first way which he calls "the low-tech way", he suggest just downloading it at home and not closing the window but closing the computer and taking it to school and he says this is the best way if you only need to download one video. The second way is to use Zamar.com. This way allows you to put in a little work but to have a few movies downloaded at the same time. The last way is to use Download Helper for Firefox or Download Youtube for Safari. These two allow you to download a high volume of movies and work very well.
I want to thank Mr. Needleman for all of his great tips, tools and ideas and think that more people should follow his blog for more that I am sure is soon to come.

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